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Martin Küchen - saxophones

Magnus Broo - trumpet 

Mats Äleklint - trombone

Jon Rune Strøm - double bass 

Tollef Østvang - drums


Exploding Scandinavian quintet. Their music is a furies and beautiful combination of freely improvised melodies and short compositions, all wrapped up in acoustic free jazz aesthetics. Küchen ́s raw and intensive tone along with Äleklint ́s distinguished trombone joins up with three likeminded Norwegians with the same passion for music made in the moment. Their debut-album on Stone Floor Records showed a unique dedication to acoustic and impulsive interplay. Their second release «Satan in Plain Clothes» on Clean Feed shows a clear direction towards a spontaneous and original sound and received 4 out of 5 stars in DownBeat Magazine. 


"This rugged Swedish-Norwegian quintet represents an exiting explosion of progressive jazz coming out of Scandinavia" "Loose, rugged and poignant" (Peter Margasak/DownBeat Magazine).


“Modern free jazz with open forms in which lyricism and personal voices floats in and out constantly”. (Soundofmusic, SE)


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